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Design Services

We design with ease of constructibility, cost, and product availability in mind. We strive to meet and adapt to every clients’ needs and individuality.

Foundation Designs

Various types of deep and shallow foundations including spread footings, piles, drilled shafts, mini piles, auger cast and vibratory columns.

Value Engineering

Re-engineered cost saving methods to increase productivity, simplify construction, and tailor facets of your project to complement your equipment, methods, and experience.

Shoring/Cofferdam Design

From simple cantilever designs to complex loading and multi-level bracing and anchors, let us suggest the most economical means and methods to suit your application. Land and marine applications.

Load Test Designs

Including Design of axial and lateral testing; dead load, reaction piles or anchors, frames, testing procedures, witness testing, and interpretation of results.

Temporary Trestle Design

From access trestles to crane trestle to temporary bridges on land or over water, we can provide designs for your needs planned around your specified materials and equipment.

Erection Design and Planning

Providing economical erection plans for straight and curved girders, steel or concrete, suited to you equipment and your site including temporary supports, strong backs, and temporary bracing where required.

Lift Beam and Rigging Design

No matter what you’re lifting, allow us to analyze and design your complete rigging scheme. Designing all types of lifting frames, lifting beams, and temporary supports to complement your equipment and your methods.

Demolition Plans

Complete planning of Structure, Substructure and Superstructure demolitions including equipment selection, rigging, sequence, temporary supports, and shielding.

Preparation of Wave Equations

Providing initial hammers and pile submittals realistic to the conditions actually anticipated in the field. Interpretation of geotechnical reports.

Pile Hammer Selection

Optimization of hammer selection based on pile type, drivability, site conditions and equipment availability, achieving optimal driving speed while controlling pile stresses.

Overhang, Shielding, Scaffolding Design

OSHA compliant designs for bridges, walls, access, demolition, and more. Safety line and railing designs.

Jacking and Temporary Support

Bearing replacement, seat repairs, and all other structural modifications. Simple local seat application or global support of structure under dead and live load applications.

Contact Us

We look forward to an opportunity to quote any engineering or consulting services you may require in the near future or on upcoming bids.

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